Championships — Parking

Participants and visitors for the 2008 Montana Masters Championships can park in any campus lot this weekend, understanding that the following parking lot areas and parking spaces are off-limits and subject to 24/7 enforcement:  24-hour reserved, 30-minute zones, disabled person, red or yellow zones, service drives, service parking, and loading zones.  Participants and visitors do not need to register their vehicle or obtain a parking permit.  For the swimming events, the closest parking lot to the MSU Pool (located in the Hosaeus Fitness Center) is at the southeast corner of 11th and Grant Streets.  That’s parking lot #14 on the attached diagram.  Entry to the Fitness Center and the MSU Pool is via the Fitness Center main entrance along Grant Street on the north side of the building, across from Romney Gym.  For the dinner buffet at the Stadium Club, parking is available to the west of the west-side stands of the MSU football stadium.  Access to the stadium is off Kagy Boulevard, directly south of the Fitness Center and the Fieldhouse.  Enter the stadium and take the elevator up to the Club!  Check out the following map for all the details, or click here to drill down further —

MSU Campus Parking Lot Map


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