Dara Torres Clinic — Another Boze Opportunity!

NEWS FLASH!  United States Masters Swimming is now working with Toyota to conduct a number of Masters Swim Clinics featuring Dara Torres.  Dara Torres will be competing for an unprecedented, and amazing, 5th Olympic team at the Olympic Trials in Omaha this week.  As a proud sponsor of USA Swimming and Dara Torres, Toyota has offered to sponsor a number of clinics with Dara Torres.  Toyota will be selecting the host United States Masters Swimming Clubs based upon the number of requests on their web site.  Click on http://www.toyotaswimming.com/mastersswimming/, get LOUD, and do it often. Toyota wants to hear from BOZE members and WHY Toyota should bring the Clinic with Dara Torres to the Bozeman Masters Swim Club.  Be creative.  The club that generates the most requests may be getting a visit from one of the most decorated Olympic swimmers in history.  Spread the word, brainstorm ideas, encourage BOZE teammates to go to the Toyota web site, and let’s maximize our Clinic selection chances!  Coach Elizabeth says, “MAKE SOME NOISE!  Let’s get her here!!!”

Dara Torres — A Swimmer of a Certain Age
New York Times Magazine
June 29th, 2008 



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