4th Annual Holiday Party!

BOZE Private Party at The Garage on December 13th!  Dinner, Live Band!
Your Invitation Follows.  BOZE Members Only & Your Guest!

Check out that FUN Killer Foto from the 2007 Party!
The Club Hopes to See You There!
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

*** ½ Hour NIKE Swim tomorrow.  Have a great race!
*** Swim practice is cancelled next Wednesday and Thursday only, 11/26 & 11/27.  Dryland is ON Saturday, 11/29! Swimming resumes Sunday, 11/30.
*** Can you say Three-Peat?  Start training now!  Montana Masters Swimming Championships – 3/21, 3/22. Griz Pool, Missoula.
*** Minde & Summer are offering a Post-Turkey, Pre-Ham Boot Camp from 12/1 to 12/19.  Call Minde @ 570-3628 or Summer @ 600-5213 for more information.
*** The American Miracle with Team USA Captain Jason Lezak is coming to Bozeman!  January 31st.  Details and tickets available soon!

BOZE Holiday Party Invitation A

BOZE Holiday Party Invitation B

2007 Holiday Party!


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